Chairman: Shirley Ware

Trustee Ministry


We, the Trustees of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, strive through the power of the Holy Spirit, to be used as vessels for Jesus Christ in this branch of Zion. With Jesus Christ as our example, and His ministry as our model, we understand that the nature of our ministry is SERVICE, the motive of our ministry is LOVE, the measure of our ministry is SACRIFICE and the purpose of our ministry is to GLORIFY GOD. Serving in unity, we embrace the mission and vision of the church and support the work of the Pastor in the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the body of Jesus Christ; HIS CHURCH.


Statement of Purpose


Trustees of Mt. Zion Baptist Church support the ministry of the Church by:

  • 1 – giving oversight to maintenance and care of church properties

  • 2 – managing the fiscal operations

  • 3 – serving as legal custodians

  • 4 – promoting the unity of the body of Jesus Christ at Mt. Zion Baptist Church




The Trustee Board serves, along side the Pastor, as the overseer of the Church’s business matters and properties. The primary purpose of the Board is to make sure that the Church is a comfortable and safe place for people to meet together and to meet God. The Board accomplishes this by overseeing all of the administration, purchase, sale and maintenance of the Church’s properties, acting as the legal representative for the Church in matters pertaining to financial obligations, protection and management. The Trustee Board serves along with the Pastor, Deacons, Deaconesses and Ministry Leaders as members of the Executive Board of the Church. Members are elected by the Church.


Mission Statement


The Trustees’ mission is to faithfully care for and oversee all areas of the Church property. These duties include maintaining the building and grounds, ensuring that all equipment is in proper working order, overseeing the leasing or approval of the use of the Church and to assure the proper preparation of the sanctuary for worship and special events.


The Trustees are also charged with the safekeeping of all Church records in coordination with the Church Clerk, Church Administrative Assistant, Church Secretary; and reviewing and obtaining proper insurance and much more.

  September 2021  
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