My Beloved Mt. Zion Family:


The threats of this world are real, but we do not stand against such threats alone. Our Heavenly Father stands with us, and in Him, we can find all we need to face such times. The Lord offers to us a spirit of peace in place of fear and a spirit of hope in a place of worry. 2nd Chronicles 7:14 reminds us to humble ourselves before Him and to seek Him for healing upon our land. This earth is His creation for His people, and we know that He Who died for His creation intends to sustain it. Draw upon His strength each day for the worry that day holds, and rest securely that He is indeed faithful to be with us, even to the end of the age.

The virus that causes COVID-19 is still circulating. I stress that you use common sense and wise judgment that will protect health.

Having reviewed the Guidelines For Places Of Worship- effective Monday, May 11, 2020. We will continue our Service in the mode of BROADCAST ONLY.

As we continue in this pandemic, we say to you; "look to the hills- From whence comes your help, Your help comes from the LORD. He will not allow your foot to be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber nor sleep. The LORD is your keeper; and the LORD shall preserve your going out and your coming in- (Psalm 121).

I encourage you to keep your mind and heart fixed on Jesus Christ and His kingdom. Remember, the way to both is marked by taking up your cross and following Him. He is with us and His light is most clearly seen when it is darkest. Pray and unite your prayers and suffering with the Body of Christ.


Praying God's Blessings and Favor